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Taurus Matte Stainless .44 Mag 6 1/2" Barrel.  Comes with 2 Speed loaders, holster and case. 

Sale Price $400.00

Glock G17 Longslide 9mm with Enhanced Trigger.  Excellent Condition and would make a great competition gun. 

Sale Price $550.00

colt 1911

Used Colt 1911 M45A1 Excellent Condition, Approx. 100 round fired. 

Sale Price $1400.00

ruger 357 1.jpg
ruger 357.jpg

USED Ruger GP 100 Blue 4 In. Barrel .357 Magnum Excellent Condition

Sale Price $500.00

Winchester Ranger 120 12 gauge, 2 3/4 and 3", Deer Slug Barrel

Sale Price $225.00

SKS 7.62x39 Norinco China

Sale Price $300.00

Radical 1

Radical Firearms AR-15 300 Blackout.  Less than 50 rounds fired. Comes with one magazine and case. 

Sale Price: $500.00

Armalite AR-10 7.62 mm, ODG, Stainless Steel Barrel, UTC 3-12x40 Scope.  Also comes with an Armalite 243 Win Upper Receiver, Stainless Steel Barrel with Hawke 4.5-14 Scope.

Sale Price- $2000.00 

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We will Ship Firearms within the United States.  Shipping Cost will be figured on each individual sale.